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Customer Review

"It’s so refreshing to have a business that takes care of a customer as well as Olson’s. I would definitely recommend them. They will not disappoint."

Chad V.

Customer Review

"I needed repairs to my bumper after backing in to a vehicle. When they were done, you couldn't even tell the damage. I was so pleased with the work that when my mother's vehicle needed major work, I didn't consider taking her van anywhere but to Olson's. Their professionalism and efficiency is what makes dealing with a family owned small business the best choice for high quality work, excellent prices and great customer service!"

Elizabeth B.

Customer Review

"I had a large dent on my door and needed to get it repaired. I ended up going to six different body shops to compare quotes. Olson gave me a reasonable quote and had exceptional service. They were able to get my car serviced within a month and it only took a few hours when I brought it in. I was very pleased when they told me the repairs were $200 less than quoted. My car looks at exactly how it did right before I hit the garage, it’s almost like it never happened. I would definitely use Olson again if need be, no longer driving around with the shame of a dented car is priceless. Thank you so much!"

Emi S.

Customer Review

"I needed my license plate changed. They did it for no charge. Fast and friendly. Hope I never need collision repairs, but if I do I will go to Olson’s Body & Paint!"

Kari F.